Virtual Soul Spa

by Sklover LoveLife

Self design the wellness services of your dreams. Enjoy them at home, office or anywhere.

I brought many new integrative healing modalities to my work at canyon ranch spa – Lenox for 12 years. the growing integrative health field in the 90’s. Explore experiences, journeys, coaching and wellness services for the mind and spirit. In addition to Canyon Ranch Spa, I consulted for the creation of The Mayflower Spa, and worked new programs at the great Noelle Day Spa, and my own OptiSelf center. You will be cared for by someone who knows how to care for mind, body and soul. The integrative and spa services listed are easily applied to creating the peace and self care you need to be your best self. Enjoy many experiences that can transform your career, relationships and daily life in to something special.

Meditation Training

Learn many types of meditation that work for you as part of a daily practice or in your everyday.
Fee $196 (online and in person)

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness everywhere is the idea. make it work for you alone and in the world.
Fee $196 (online and in person)

Sound Vibrational Healing

Use of many types of sound and vocal work to vibrate in to the frequency of the divine.
Fee $196 (online and in person)

1:1 Yoga Therapy/ Vocal Yoga Therapy

Yoga and meditation techniques that help you with any focus to enhance movement and the ideal spirit within.
Fee $196 (online and in person)

Group/Family/Business- Yoga and Meditation

Design a class for your family or workplace, in person or online to do on a regular basis.
Discuss for price for your organization (online and in person)

Sound and Music Guided Imagery

Use of imagery, sound and music to visualize what would work best for you.
Fee $196 (online and in person)

Reiki Energy Experience

Energy healing with a Reiki master to feel the balance of your energy at work.
Fee $196 (online and in person)

Shamanic Healing for One or Two at a time

Work with one or two people to understand your relationship or the inner workings of your life at this time.
Discuss for fee between $196 and $300 (online and in person)


Learn many types of breathing techniques to help you make your way through day and night.
Fee $196

Habit Cessation/Wellness Coaching

Imagery and hypnotic techniques to help stop or lessen a habit that is not working for you.
Fee $280

Deep Sleep Training

Learn about sleep techniques and rituals to help you have a deep rest. Explore sleep disorders that you may have and ways to lessen their influence.
Fee $196 (online and in person)

Stress Management and Peaceful Ritual Training

Learn the ideal way to bring proven stress management techniques and mindful peace rituals in to all hours of your day and night though a deeply relaxing session and learning experience.

Spiritual Wellness Consultation

Learn the ways to integrate spiritual fitness and rituals to heal your most important relationship to your inner voice through Self knowledge and Self experience.