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It could be a pleasure to look at life with the right person. Leesa listens with compassion, sharing a vast experience and truth, creating an experience that works for you. Leesa Sklover Ph.D., LPC, MA-MT, CRC, C-IAYT, is director of Sklover LoveLife Counseling, Wellness and Media LLC. She is a visionary bridge maker, counseling , families, couples, children and adults, private companies, spas and first responders. for almost 30 years. Her experience involves, private practice focuses these days with prenatal, postpartum support, PTSD, family and couple enhancement, and mental health and coaching for performers and atheletes. She has worked in many hospitals, and at Canyon Ranch Spa, on staff and lectured for 12 years, and as a professor in undergraduate and masters programs. Her career began in the entertainment business in film music, music video and now supporting the music industry. Sklover LoveLife brings wellness, performance and relational health to creative artists and executives in the music industry. With artistic and music industry experience, she is ideal to coach artists and execs through challenges with her Band Therapy program. In recent years a lot of her work has been as a crisis consultant with first responders and their families. The focus of her work is in creative family therapy and group dynamics.

When you work with Leesa Sklover, you feel respected and listened to with compassion. People seek her guidance at transitional stages in life, with feelings of anxiety, self doubt, or changes in family or relationships. You will be helped through transitions in life to learn to trust yourself. She focuses on healthy relationships at home and work. Individuals seen in practice are children through adulthood. Her focus is on creative family therapy and group dynamics. She assists with prenatal post natal issues for women and couples. End of life transitions are supported as a certified end of life doula.  

You will experience a relationship where you feel deeply understood, cared for and respected. Effective change in a coaching or a therapeutic relationship involves conditions that allow for self acceptance, creative self discovery and plans for implementing and manifesting dreams, goals and self awareness,

“It’s Your Birthright To Be Happy”

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As a licensed counselor, she enhances her work with you through many integrative therapies, as a kundalini yoga teacher, certified yoga therapist, and music/sound healer, 30 year certified music therapist, musical performer. You gain tools in meditation, breath work, imagery, mindfulness and imagery health. Her masters research was on music therapy with abused children. Her doctoral research combined neuroscience and music, post traumatic stress, and study of the Mother Child archetype.

As a music therapist and behavioral health counselor in the integrative health department At Canyon Ranch Spa, Lenox, she lectured weekly, being recognized as as an expert, lecturer in integrative health and in many publications for work in stress management, music, and meditation. Her experience involves, private practice, work in hospitals, crisis consulting, undergraduate and masters professor, and workshop leader. Leesa brought music and sound therapy to the integrative medicine field in hospitals and the spa world, leading workshops, or speaking on spiritual, relational and integrative health, Leesa integrates eastern philosophy, Jungian Psychology, Virginia Satir Family oriented therapy in her work. A writer, creative visionary, and ocean activist on the soundscape, she offers her unique blend of insights for wellbeing.

Leesa began working after college in the entertainment business, as professional actress with a degree from Northwestern in theatre and film, Leesa worked in film music, music video and now works with the music and entertainment industry to help artists, bands and executives with her band therapy. Today she is a professional singer songwriter, sacred music artist, film composer, Listen To Music Now. At MCA records she worked in Music Video promotion, in Music supervisions at Guber Peters and its Peter Afterman at Inaudible Productions. She wrote, composed and performed in her own musical Mother Me Therapy at The Cherry Lane theatre in NYC. See Me As I Am is a music and experiential learning program ( documentary in the making) for schools and communities using music, drama, and myth making for diversity training and social justice awareness.

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Leesa attended Northwestern University for Theatre and added Film and TV to her program, (though not supposed to be done, she did). She received her masters at New York University in Music Therapy, first beginning study at Cal State Long beach after seeing a chapter on music therapy in a gerontology class at UCLA. She began her music therapy study in 1988 and was certified in 1990, practicing for almost 30 years. Her research with abused children began at Olive Crest homes and into a Music Technology lab at NYU for children from the foundling hospital in NYC. She worked many years in hospitals and programs as a music therapist at St Raphael’s and St. Mary’s hospital for Children She gained her doctorate from Union University, in philosophy with a specialization in Clinical psychology. sub focus Clinical Behavioral Medicine and Analytical Psychology.

Leesa is an internationally certified Yoga Therapist and certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, having studied with Tej Khalsa and Guru Dharam. She studied acting at Northwestern, influenced by the interpretive literature work of Lee Roloff and Frank Galati, studied acting in New York with Warren Robertson and Herbert Berghoff. She got certified as an end of life doula with Henry Fiske. Shamanic Mystical Judaism training with Gershon Winkler, trained with David Johnson in Native American Shamanism and others in Peruvian shamanism. Training and certifications in hypnotherapy, past life regression with Brian Weiss MD, and countless other things that add up to her many interests. She has done Couples training programs in Imago, Gottman, PAIRS , and most recently A support program for therapist’s with Esther Perel. Leesa has been studying and applying Sandplay therapy has added that to her work with adults and children. Most Significantly influenced by the friendship, supervision and company of a few great Therapists, friends and musical artists.

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