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“The top of the mountain is the bottom of the next so keep climbing!” – Andre De Shields

Coaching and Consulting

Music/Entertainment Industry
Creative Artists
Small Groups

Gain nurturing wisdom, bring congruence to your creative life, performance and work. Build Mental toughness and performance success as a creative artist, athlete. community, team or group. Allow me to teach mental toughness skills, problem solving, breathwork, yoga therapy, meditation, hypnotherapy-creative visualization, people making success, that makes an individual, team, corporation, small business powerful manifestations of goals and dreams. In the entertainment business, I do band therapy and other coaching tools for mental and physical health with artists and creative teams. I aid in creative visualization, relationships, and performance success. Within the professional and amateur tennis, golf and basketball world, I support teams and individuals to envision their greatest performance and mental toughness. Sessions can be done in an office, home, venue, or online environment, allowing for supportive coaching across the country and the world.

Coaching is done in packages and individual sessions. Reach out at 917 860 0488 or

“Surround yourself with people who make you feel like sunshine.” – Leesa Sklover

Band Therapy / Coaching and Consulting For The Entertainment Industry, and Creatives In The Arts.

As a singer-songwriter all her life, and former executive in the music industry, Leesa is able to blend her experience as a psychotherapist/coach, music/yoga therapist, to help as artist, music  company, band, working team, be the best they can be. Coaching happens alone or with your band, your partner, your manager, your bandmate, on relationships, creative ideas, health issues in your musical, creative family.

With performing experience as a professional actress and singer songwriter she knows many aspects of the music industry, performance enhancement, her specialty is vocal health, vocal yoga therapy, vocal performance. Learn from a music business coach, who has worked in the industry and as an artist for over 35 years. Dr. Leesa specializes in the true voice and spirit of musical artists and their people.

Her years in PR, music video production, music supervision, management, time in some of the best studios, as healer, psychotherapist and creative, make her unique, someone you want to work with. Leesa has the knowledge to help artists and management with relationship, creativity and performance issues. You receive mind, body and soul support, in your home, studio or on the road. You learn tools that keep you in vocal-playing shape, mental health, with the spirit to perform and create music for your entire life. Demystify the idea of making it now or never. This is a career you want to do always. She helps you be your best.

Her work is with all kinds of artists and management. Create the experience you imagine. Contact her for your first consultation. 


Band Therapy (group therapy), Management-Artist Consultation, Individual Creative Coaching, Vocal coaching, Management support, Family Therapy-Coaching, Individual Coaching, Yoga Therapy, Vocal Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Energy work. Services happen online, in office, in person, at designed retreats in many locations, In the studio or home.

Coaching and Consulting

Relationship and Family Coaching, Business Consulting, Creatives/Sports Coaching

Explore your relationship with another.

Two At A Time

Explore the relationship you wish for with a friend, manager- colleague, partner or family member in person or virtual sessions.

Individual Coaching

Work on the areas of Performance, Relationships, Vitality, Self Growth, Mental Toughness in sports…or whatever you desire to focus on in a set package designed with me.

Couples Healing (6 sessions suggested, 2-3 hour sessions)

With you I share my training PAIRS, GOTTMAN, IMAGO, SATIR and my own Sklover LoveLife Relationship techniques, to bring any two people to the place they want to be.

Family therapy or Coaching

Sessions are done in the home and in the office or online to create hands on support in a situation that brings trust and comfort when done in a safe space or online.
“Feelings of worth can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible – the kind of atmosphere that is found in a nurturing family.”  ― Virginia Satir

Shamanic Healing/ Energy healing for Two with two practitioners.

Join one or two shamanic healers and energy practitioners, Leesa and Nick who work together with a single person or two to offer a deeper experience with two energy practitioners. Design the program you want for you, or with a friend or family member. 3-6 Session program suggested.

Human Resource Transformation/Company Coaching-Consulting

Professional growth, resilience, communication skills, mental health, in the workplace- Learn People making skills to help you speak up and be yourself and manage. Enhance people potential, company identity, visioning, group dynamics, mentoring, time management, solutions, best practices.

Deep Sleep and Peace

Through Guided imagery, Hypnotherapy, Meditation and breath work we work on on one or in a group to help with sleep enhancement and sleep disorders of all kinds. Minimum 3 session package.

Parent-Kid Communion

Learn in a supportive educational experience the best ways for children and teens to stay healthy and connected to self and family.

Vocal Coaching for the Professional and Novice ( online)

Learn how to express your true voice with confidence. Learn the tools to performing your best inner and outer voice. Book three sessions at a time for $245

Sports Performance Coaching/ Mental Toughness

For Professional and Amateur Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Players.  youth to adults. In person and online. Experienced as tennis athlete and performer.

Yoga Therapy for Sports Performance 
Creative Visualization

Mind enhancement, Hypnotherapy. Breath work, Inner Mantra, Pain management, Endurance, Flexibility training, Yoga Kriyas-meditation, programs, for your personal performance needs.
(Priced at Consult)

Concierge Wellness-Self Design

Create the whole person, wellness, integrative counseling or coaching program of your dreams. Grow and learn on an ongoing basis. Pick a price you can afford, self design your way to self care and self growth.

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