Hear What Others Say

“Dr Leesa is an exemplary therapist , seasoned in couples and individual therapy. Her compassionate heart and skilled interventions always hero her patients in understanding themselves and making meaningful behavioral changes. We have worked around each other for many years and I recommend working with her and knowing her to anyone.”

– Mary Jo Wilson, Ph.D.

“Multi talented, gifted therapist and beautiful inside and out.”

– Jill Hopkins, MA, LPC

“Unwind with Dr Leesa Sklover. I have experienced 3 life altering seminars with Leesa. Her secret is her passion for life, people and nature. Thank you Leesa, I look forward to my next journey with you.”

– Patty Finnegan

“Leesa was instrumental in helping me prepare for pregnancy. I was stressed and overloaded to the point that it was getting in the way of pregnancy. Leesa helped me focus on what mattered the most and worked with me to destress and allow pregnancy to happen!”

– Abigail

The first time I spoke to her I was after experiencing a traumatic incident at work. After the incident I experienced depression and anxiety. With her help I was able to overcome these challenges. She also helped reveal things about me that I was not aware of. With her assistance I made better decisions, which in return made me a better father and husband, while focused on my wellness. I recommend Dr. Sklover to everyone that seeks therapy.”

– Connell